Runthebergers! Two weeks to go!! It’s too early to predict the Race Weekend weather just yet but it’s the mountains and anything can happen!! Make sure you’re properly acquainted with the Compulsory Equipment lists and that you pack accordingly for all conditions Compulsory Equipment

1. Entries

For those Last Minute Larrys that we all know a few of, entries are open until midnight Wednesday 20 September 2023. If you know anybody still interested in entering let them know and they can enter directly at

2. Registration, Race-Numbers and Shirt Collection

Registration will be at the Race Village at All Out Adventures on Friday 29 September 2023 from 14h30 until 18h00, where runners will be able to collect their Race Shirts and Race Numbers. Runners arriving early on Saturday will be able to register and collect their stuff at All Out Adventures from 05h30 to 07h00 on Saturday. Saturday Registration is NOT available to runners in the RTB Ultra 65 race.

3. Race Briefing

There will be no physical Race Briefing on Friday evening. Rather the main Race Briefing will be communicated to runners during the week  by email. We will have shorter Briefings before each Start on Saturday morning.

4. Start/Finish logistics

The Starts for the RTB Ultra 65 and RTB Marathon 42 races will both be at All Out Adventures, and the Starts for the RTB 25 and RTB 13 races will both be at The Cavern. All Finishes will be at the Race Village at All Out Adventures. We will be providing a shuttle transfer service from the Race Village to The Cavern for RTB 25 and RTB 13 runners, so you just need to get yourselves to All Out Adventures.

Shuttle times from All Out Adventures are:

RTB 25 – 07h00-07h30
RTB 13 – 07h30-08h00

If you are registering on Saturday morning please make sure that you give yourself enough time to register and catch the shuttle to the Start of your race.

For those driving themselves, there is plenty of parking at the Race Village. For RTB 25 and RTB 13 runners being dropped off, there is absolutely NO parking at or near The Cavern, and we strongly recommend that all drop-offs happen at All Out Adventures, unless you’re staying at The Cavern (or Sungubala or The Ledges) and you can literally roll out of bed to the Start. You guys will in fact end up at the Finish without your cars, so please be aware of that. There will NOT be an official shuttle from the Finish back to The Cavern, but as has been the case in previous years, it should not be difficult to source a lift if needed.

Official Runtheberg Ultra 2023 Start Times:

RTB Ultra 65 – 04h00
RTB Marathon 42 – 07h00
RTB 25 – 08h00
RTB 13 – 08h30

5. Cut-off Times

In the interests of runner safety Runtheberg Ultra 2023 will be applying a Cut-off policy which includes different Cut-off times at the various Checkpoints on each race. Any runners not through a Checkpoint by the designated Cut-off time will be transported back to the Race Village. Please make sure you are acquainted with the Cut-off times for your race (found on the Race Maps & Profiles here.)

6. GPS Navigation

The RTB Ultra 65 and RTB Marathon 42 are unmarked self-navigated races. Runners must be in possession of a charged and functional GPS navigation device with the relevant routes uploaded, and must be prepared to navigate over rough and unfamiliar terrain using the device and the route.

GPS tracks for all of the routes can be downloaded here (GPX format).
The RTB 25 and RTB 13 races are fully marked.

7. Training Tip #3

If you are not 100% confident in your navigation abilities we recommend some last minute practising in the next couple of weeks. Make sure you have downloaded the GPX track properly and that it has been successfully uploaded onto your GPS device. Importantly, make sure you know where it is on your device.

A good way to practice the entire process is to record a track that you run regularly on your own device, upload it to the program or app that you use, save it and then download it again and transfer it / save it on the device you will be using during the race. Then go back to the actual physical route and practice navigating. Make sure you know how the software works and which buttons do what. You don’t want to be learning at the top of a mountain with no one else in sight.

8. Training Tip #4

Keep to your routine! By now you should be tapering, or at least easing off the intensity leading up to the race. Stay within your routine and don’t try anything new – if you haven’t been doing sprint work, stair exercises or climbing drills, don’t start now. The risk of injury or strain on muscles that you haven’t been using outweighs any potential reward. Keep your legs moving with some light running within your own comfort zone.

This is also a good time to focus on healthy and balanced nutrition and ease up on the all night jol sessions! And, importantly, take the time to make sure that you have and are comfortable with all of your necessary kit and equipment!

See you all soon in the Berg!