Spectator Access

The following Aid Stations are accessible to spectators:

Sungubala: Spectators can park on the field at the Royal Drakensberg Primary School just before The Cavern. The Aid Station is a 2km easy but steep uphill walk up the jeep track towards the awesome Sungubala Eco Camp, where spectators can enjoy spectacular views and get to appreciate the real scale of the mountains you are running in. Please note that spectators will be walking on part of the Runtheberg race route.

Cannibal: The legendary Cannibal Cave is accessible as a hike via The Cavern. Spectators please note that parking inside The Cavern is for guests only, so they would need to park outside along the side of the road and walk up the hill through the resort entrance and pick up the hiking trail through there. Please note that this is a challenging hike of a good couple of hours over technical terrain and all resources in the area will be focused on the race and the runners for the day. We do not recommend this option other than for spectators who are experienced hikers and reasonably fit. If spectators are interested they can check out The Cavern Online Hiking Map

Montusi Dam: The ultimate in spectator experience! Not only will spectators be able to easily access this beautifully scenic Aid Station and get a chance to cheer on their runners, but they will also get to enjoy the legendary Runtheberg tradition of Sundowners At The Dam. Runtheberg and Montusi Mountain Resort host a spectacular Sundowner Celebration of Mountain Running from 16h00 where spectators and runners who have finished their races can enjoy a drink and snack watching the sun set over the mighty Drakensberg. AND the final Aid Station for both the RTB Marathon 42 and RTB Ultra 65 routes will be positioned right here, so runners can even stop and enjoy a cold one with a loved one before they set off on the last few km towards the Finish. This can’t be beat!