Trail Running Community

THE TRAIL RUNNING COMMUNITY “The reason we race isn’t so much to beat each other… but to be with each other.” – Christopher McDougall, Born To Run Despite an explosion in popularity in the last decade, trail running remains something of a fringe activity. Similarly, the trail running community remains something of a counter-cultural anti-establishment […]

Runtheberg’s Annual Community Shoe Drive

Runtheberg’s Annual Community Shoe Drive The Trail Runner Community As a rule, most athletes are quite community minded, but there’s something special about Trail Runners. It might be that we spend so much time alone in nature that we become more acutely aware of the value of community support. Or it might be that Trail […]

Trail Running vs. Road Running

TRAIL RUNNING VS. ROAD RUNNING Ever since I fell in love with trail running all those years ago, I never understood how every road runner who set foot on a trail was not immediately converted and never looked back. How to beat the thrill of single-track trail through spectacular natural environments, wildly diverse landscapes, brutal […]

The Inevitability of Step-By-Step

THE INEVITABILITY OF STEP-BY-STEP Many people look at a race distance as just a lot of numbers, allowing themselves to be intimidated out of even starting by getting overwhelmed by the thought of the big distance at the finish. In fact, many people are put off starting to run at all because they are defeated […]

How to get into Trail Running

HOW TO GET INTO TRAIL RUNNING There are three types of people who are most likely thinking about how to get into trail running. The first is the dedicated road runner looking for something different, the second is the non-runner looking to start running and focusing on or just incorporating some trail, and the third […]